Zambia Essential Drugs list

John, a GP volunteer asked:

I’ve often wandered when completing a case, how accurate is the Zambia Essential Dug List? Do all clinics hold all the drugs on the list?

Could any of the C.O’s comment please?


4 thoughts on “Zambia Essential Drugs list”

  1. Greatings John,
    Not all facilities have the essential drug list. The government supply the facilities according to levels of healthy facilities. Most of the clinical offices work at clinics which have majority of the essential. Though not all clinics. Kindly let me know if the answer is clear enough.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. It would probably be helpful in the case details to know whether the clinic we are dealing with is well stocked, or less so, but I guess we can always ask at the time if we’re not sure.

  3. Greetings.
    Probably clinics usually have a lot of essential drugs listed in the ZNF apart from most of controlled drugs which are out in the DDA box.unless otherwise


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