Hello everyone, My full names are Chongo Ng’ona Kabungo, a clinical officer general based at Matua rural health centre, in Siavonga, southern part of Zambia.
I have a very brief testimony to give about the virtual doctors, though brief, I feel it’s important I go ahead a write it.
About March earlier this year, my late aunt, alive then got very ill. We had tried to take her to a number of clinics and hospitals, but nothing satisfactory was been done. So i decided to create a case for her on the virtual doctors application. Some options where given on the possible solutions to our patient. She later past on with non hodgkin’s lymphoma and other seconding factors. My testimony is the doctor on virtual doctors advised to do some scans, others for cancer, though we did it late,it was a worth while call.
So the virtual doctors to me is more of a learning and exploration tool on how I can manage the patients that I see and in the long run would help reduce on the cases of referring to the district hospital as the management of some case would have been discussed and known the management to heart.
Thank you for your time, best regards ????

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