4 thoughts on “Podcast 11 Pre-eclampsia”

  1. Very educative .was nice to hear of the use of high dose folic acid ,low dose aspirin and the steroids use.can you consider maybe in future doing some podcast with a specialist which you think need be be managed by a specialist.At what level of preeclampsia do you ou give mgso4 to prevent eclampsia ?thanks alot once more

    1. I agree re specialists and we would love any of the specialist volunteers to help with the podcasts. Please email me if you are interested.

      Please note that Minnie and I are volunteers and have busy day jobs. We record these podcasts in our spare time as we are keen to impart education. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Please start Mg when severe pre-eclampsia (see below) or as soon as they are fitting. It needs to be continued until 24hrs after delivery, or if fitting until fit free for 24 hours.
    Severe pre-eclampsia: ‘There was a general agreement to define preeclampsia as severe if blood pressure was >160mmHg systolic or 110mmHg diastolic. There was scarce agreement on the amount of proteinuria to define severity. The HELLP syndrome was considered a feature to include in the severe classification. ‘


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