Introduction from Tyrell


Hi Everybody!

I am most passionate about healthcare technology, sports management, music production, and design thinking to improve access to quality services for the world’s marginalized populations. I am excited to be your Project Manager for the Virtual Doctors project. As you may be aware, Zambia’s 2017-2021 eHealth strategy focuses on telemedicine – which encompasses: eLearning, mentorship/coaching, and performance management. Through our bespoke system, we aim to improve your overall experience and knowledge in all areas mentioned above.

I am from the USA, but my second home is Zambia. I go by the local name of Luyando. My favorite food is busala, ifisashi, and my grandmothers home made spaghetti. Unlike most foreigners working in Zambia, I am here to stay =). One Zambia, One Nation!

warm regards,





Hi, I’m Stellah Chilembo Virtual Doctors (VDrs) Field Assistant. I live in Lusaka, Zambia. It’s been a year an a half working with VDrs. My roll is to carry out updates from you, the COs, and to provide updates from our UK team to you. I am the VDrs eyes on the ground regarding field work, status updates, and troubleshooting any issues you may encounter as a user of the Virtual Doctor application.

I personally appreciate your participation in our program. I look forward to working and growing with all of you.






Hi, my name is Godwell SIAME Chilapupa, from Zambia. Am a clinical officer General based in luangwa district Lusaka province,the remotest district of Lusaka it’s also a valley meaning it gets hot up 49°C but we endure the heat to save lives, I worked in kalulushi in copperbelt province for a private clinic. Am so passionate about medicine and helping people around Zambia. I dream of having my own health facility not because I want money but I want to improve the service delivery at the lowest prices possible to meet universal coverage. Am delighted to work with VDrs it has improved my skills and knowledge at least if I refer a case and submit to VDrs next time same case I manage very well. The team organising VDrs I salute you all. God bless you all. GSC.



HI, how are you all? My name’s are Godwell Siame Chilapupa. Am clinical officer General based in luangwa district Lusaka province. It’s always has been great to work with VDrs and response has improved my skills and knowledge at least if I refer a case and submit to VDrs next time same case I manage very well.



Am Jonathan, i work at a District hospital in Lusaka province. I have been moving from one clinic/post to another for outreach programmes. And from my experience the common challeges COs face is luck of basic equipments and luck of second opinion on the diagnosis. One is made to make a decision based on self opinions. But with the virtual telemedicine, one is able to consult remotely.

I have been a virtual doctor app user since 2015. Since then my clinical skills have improved. Each time I consult am always learning something new. And the local doctors are able to trust me on management of the patient.
With the coming in of new specialist, I hope and trust that all the clinical officers will take advantage and learn from this interactions. (Not only learning but helping the population to meet quality service provision through VD).

Thank you VD team.



Hi, I’m Jo, a GP based in Bucks, and I started volunteering with Virtual Doctors a year ago. I’ve been interested in working somehow in Africa since visiting a mission hospital in Mvuma, Zimbabwe, years ago. I love the simplicity of the Virtual Doctors concept and enjoy dealing with the cases.
I’m sure I learn just as much as the medical officers.
Hoping to meet some of you one day soon!




Hi everyone, I am a vintage GP now part retired but have had a full on career as a trainer, senior partner, LMC chair and CCG chair over the years. I now work clinically part time and spend time appraising and coaching colleagues. I plan to do some voluntary work and will be spending November in Malawi doing whatever is asked of me as a GP. I spent my teenage years in that part of the world (Zambia) as my father worked for UNESCO so I’m looking forward to it. I did a taster five years ago in Uganda. I enjoy the small amount of work I do with Virtual Doctors and I think the potential is amazing both for the developing world and for the UK too.