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Over the last year so much has been learnt and published about COVID-19. We know that many of you have now had direct clinical experience of caring for COVID positive patients. We have tried to update this section of the site to reflect this.

Here you can read about the management of a patient with COVID in a typical District level hospital, taken from our case-based scenario series. It has been edited by Doctors in both the UK and Zambia

Below we share a link to the most recent Ministry of Health Guidance for management of patients with Coronavirus disease

These daily updates are helpful for following the situation within Zambia:

For a reminder of key information about COVID please see the links below to the WHO website, this is continuously updated.

Click to access the WHO Q&A Section

The WHO Mythbusters website explores some of the common myths associated with COVID 19 and is well worth looking at: click to view

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COVID 19 E-learning

ePROTECT Respiratory Infections

  • This learning package from the WHO consists of 4 modules that explore Acute Respiratory Infections, how they are transmitted, the associated infection risks and the importance of basic hygiene measures.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus

  • This e-learning course from the WHO covers key Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures.
  • It explains how to implement important IPC measures, to reduce onward transmission to healthcare staff and other patients within the RHC.

Medical CPD Africa

  • Medical CPD Africa has a series of useful e-learning modules, including 3 on COVID-19. 
  • These are written for Clinical Officers in Kenya, so remember some guidelines may differ slightly, but much of the content is applicable to clinic settings in Zambia. 
  • You will need to sign up, but all their courses are kindly offered for free.

The Knowledge Translation Unit

  • The Knowledge Translation Unit, based in Cape Town, also provides some excellent online resources on the management of COVID-19, including case-based scenarios to work through. 
  • As they are based in South Africa, some guidelines may differ, but many of the principles covered will be applicable to your own healthcare settings.
  • Again you will need to sign up to access these, and we would like to thank the University of Cape Town’s Knowledge Translation Unit and the Western Cape Department of Health South Africa, for the use of their resources.

Please Note: This content was developed to support the provision of health-related services by health workers and is reasonably believed to represent appropriate healthcare practices at the date of first publication. You use this information at your sole risk; no warranties are given regarding accuracy, relevance, usefulness or fitness for purpose.

Non-Covid Resources:

Zambian Ministry of Health HIV Guidelines

Ministry of Health guidelines for the management of HIV within Zambia.

Zambian Ministry of Health Maternity Guidelines

Ministry of Health guidelines for obstetric referrals from clinics to hospital

WHO Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness

WHO guidelines on how to manage common general medical problems that may present to the health centre, such as pneumonia, fever, abdominal pain or skin problems.

An interactive tool that covers the assessment and management of a range of mental health conditions, neurological diseases and substance misuse.

WHO Guidelines for the Management of Snakebites in Africa

A really helpful document about the assessment and management of snakebite in Africa.

IMAI: Palliative Care: Symptom Management and End-of-Life Care

A useful document that explains how to mange common symptoms that may be encountered in terminal illness at the end of a patient’s life. This also includes advice on what family members can do to support loved ones.

Our Latest Forum Posts

The Virtual Doctor’s Podcast:

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine also hosts a really interesting podcast that addresses many different aspects of COVID 19. You can listen to this here. Episode 20 is particularly relevant and features Dr Abdul Sesay from the MRC Unit in The Gambia at LSHTM.

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