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Contraception guidelines

Guidance on contraception changes frequently, and I find the attached UKMEC guidelines really helpful to assess the risk of each contraceptive.

My take home messages are

  1. start contraception as soon as possible to prevent pregnancies. Please don’t wait until the patient’s next menstruation (which was previous advice). None of the hormonal contraceptives will adversely affect a pregnancy but delaying starting contraception places a woman at risk of an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. any type of migraine is now a potential contraindication to COCP. Previously only migraine with aura was felt to be high risk.UKMEC

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Hi Fran,

The UK MEC guidelines are great.

Just to clarify, migraine without aura is a UK MEC 2 if starting CHC but a MEC 3 if the migraines starts whilst on the CHC. Therefore its acceptable to use the CHC in women with established migraines without aura in there are not other risk factors.

UK MEC 2 = A condition where the advantages of using the method generally outweigh the theoretical or proven risks
UK MEC 3 = A condition where the theoretical or proven risks usually outweigh the advantages of using the method. The provision of a method requires expert clinical judgement and/or referral to a specialist contraceptive provider, since use of the method is not usually recommended unless other more appropriate methods are not available or not acceptable

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