Tranexamic acid in Post Partum Haemorrhage

As a GP I have only ever used tranexamic acid to reduce/stop blood flow in women with heavy periods. So, I was really interested in a recent study in the Lancet which looked at its use for Postpartum Haemorrhage, a major cause of maternal deaths (100,000 deaths per year).
This international trial found that tranexamic acid (1g intravenously) decreased the risk of death from Postpartum Haemorrhage by about a third if given within 3 hours. The World Health Organization said it would update its recommendations for treating postpartum haemorrhage treatment.
Of course the next step is to get iv tranexamic acid available for women who need it the most — women in the poor, remote areas of the world, where maternal mortality is the highest.
I note it isn’t available on the Zambia Essential drug list and hope that this study will alter its availability worldwide.