Hello Vdrs

My full names are Chongo ng’ona kabungo, im the last born in family of all five men. I,just like many others, am a clinical officer general based at Matua rural health centre. My job at this facility is to make clinical judgements of the patients that we receive at our facility and treat those cases that are of to my knowledge. In this regard, VDRS come very handy as I get to learn and explore other options that I can take to manage certain cases that I find interesting to share. In a nutshell, this is what I can say about myself,
Best regards all ????



Good morning vdrs.
My name’s are Michael Phiri working at an urban clinic of Siavonga(kariba).i love virtual doctors it helps me reduce on cases dat I regere to the district hospital. One of the challenges I gave is I usually receive few cases to send as pipo with very difficult cases can jst walk to the hospital.i look forward to receiving a lot of cases so dat I can learn more and be able manage complicated cases from this forum.
I thank you.



Francis Hamuleya – COG

Francis Hamuleya is a Clinical Officer General in Lower Zambezi Area in Chieftaincy Chiawa area in Kafue distrct

Am one of the users of the VDRs app and it has been of great help in managing some cases.

It has been great to have a family of you guys that are keen seeing a health rural Zambia..

Am humbled and grateful to be one of those using this app, please continue supporting and how I wish it will spread to whole country..




I am Grader Sialwiindi, Clinical Officer operating at Chikupi uHealth Centre under Kafue district. CO
It’s indeed been a pleasure and full of interactions on the Virtualdoctors forum. I look forward to more of the sharing.