Case-based Scenarios


From October 2020 we will start to post weekly Case scenarios based on problems managed by the Virtual Doctors Team.  We hope that this will give you a good picture of the work we’ve been doing and maybe it will be a chance to learn something new too!  The cases are not meant to be comprehensive references, so do seek our help as usual via the App if required.

The Clinical Scenarios are based on real cases that the team has managed.  Where images are required we have not used photographs of our own patients but have illustrated the cases using licensed and appropriately attributed material. 

The management of the cases assumes you are based in a rural clinic.  Investigations available include Hb check, urinalysis, rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for malaria, rapid test for syphilis and HIV testing.  Drugs available are those listed on the Essential drug list.  You are two hours by road from the nearest hospital. 

We would really appreciate your feedback, so do let us know what you think!

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