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I hope you have had a very happy Christmas. Now  we can look forward to 2018 and how we can make virtual doctors even better and relevant to you. The cases you send us are interesting and often very educational for us in the U.K. too.

The idea of the blog, the cases from the field, that I write, is to give a flavour of the work that you ,the clinical officers, do. I hope to put it in some context for those interested in reading about the virtual doctors work. It is put on the Virtual Doctors website.  I am aware that I probably don’t get all the facts right! So please let me know about your homeland- the highlights, the challenges and where I’ve got muddled up geographically! My aim is make the blog as authentic as possible so I need your help!

If you can, please leave me a comment here- short or long.

many thanks for your help


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