Introduction from Tyrell

Hi Everybody!

I am most passionate about healthcare technology, sports management, music production, and design thinking to improve access to quality services for the world’s marginalized populations. I am excited to be your Project Manager for the Virtual Doctors project. As you may be aware, Zambia’s 2017-2021 eHealth strategy focuses on telemedicine – which encompasses: eLearning, mentorship/coaching, and performance management. Through our bespoke system, we aim to improve your overall experience and knowledge in all areas mentioned above.

I am from the USA, but my second home is Zambia. I go by the local name of Luyando. My favorite food is busala, ifisashi, and my grandmothers home made spaghetti. Unlike most foreigners working in Zambia, I am here to stay =). One Zambia, One Nation!

warm regards,