Am Jonathan, i work at a District hospital in Lusaka province. I have been moving from one clinic/post to another for outreach programmes. And from my experience the common challeges COs face is luck of basic equipments and luck of second opinion on the diagnosis. One is made to make a decision based on self opinions. But with the virtual telemedicine, one is able to consult remotely.

I have been a virtual doctor app user since 2015. Since then my clinical skills have improved. Each time I consult am always learning something new. And the local doctors are able to trust me on management of the patient.
With the coming in of new specialist, I hope and trust that all the clinical officers will take advantage and learn from this interactions. (Not only learning but helping the population to meet quality service provision through VD).

Thank you VD team.



Hi, I’m Jo, a GP based in Bucks, and I started volunteering with Virtual Doctors a year ago. I’ve been interested in working somehow in Africa since visiting a mission hospital in Mvuma, Zimbabwe, years ago. I love the simplicity of the Virtual Doctors concept and enjoy dealing with the cases.
I’m sure I learn just as much as the medical officers.
Hoping to meet some of you one day soon!




Hi everyone, I am a vintage GP now part retired but have had a full on career as a trainer, senior partner, LMC chair and CCG chair over the years. I now work clinically part time and spend time appraising and coaching colleagues. I plan to do some voluntary work and will be spending November in Malawi doing whatever is asked of me as a GP. I spent my teenage years in that part of the world (Zambia) as my father worked for UNESCO so I’m looking forward to it. I did a taster five years ago in Uganda. I enjoy the small amount of work I do with Virtual Doctors and I think the potential is amazing both for the developing world and for the UK too.



Hello from Melanie

Hello! I have recently jointed the Virtual Doctors. I work part-time as a GP in London. I live with my husband and our two children aged 5 and 8 years old. I have lived and worked abroad in Indian, Belgium and Dubai. I volunteered in India working with underprivileged communities in urban slum populations. I joined the Virtual Doctors because I was keen to continue using my skills in the developing world now that I am living back in the UK. I am also excited about the opportunities that technology offers to try and help support health care professionals.


Minnie -Hello!

Hi! I’m Minnie. I started volunteering with the virtual doctors almost a year ago after seeing an inspiring article in the BMJ.

At Vitual Docors I work with Fran providing clinical support. We strive to improve the service and provide good educational material. I write an almost monthly blog called Cases from the field which is on the Virtual Doctors website.

Back in 1994 I worked in a government run hospital in the South  West  of Zimbabwe, which also allowed me to explore a little of Malawi and put a foot into Zambia.A wonderful experience which kindled my love for that very special part of the world.

I trained in Paediatrics in the north east of England where I live with my family. I have 3 boys so life is very active and outdoors.

I really hope that this is the forum you all wanted! It would be great if we can all  get connected and share questions and knowledge.The potential for the Virtual Doctors service is huge. Please get involved and, to echo Fran, make it your own.




Hello. I’m Fran and I’m the Medical Director at the Virtual Doctors.  I started volunteering with the charity 4 years ago just after my son was born.

I worked in a mission hospital near Mazabuka in 2001 and fell in love with Zambia and was keen to help improve the population’s healthcare. I’m passionate about primary healthcare and education which is why I volunteer with the Virtual Doctors.

I work as a GP in Oxfordshire, UK and also train junior Dr’s to become GPs.

I have 2 children, Iris 6 years old and Walt 4 years. To relax I run through the countryside with my dog.

This forum is for all the team to share medical information, ideas, concerns. Please us it, adapt it, make it yours!